Saturday, August 03, 2013

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The lack of blogging indicates neither a lack of enthusiasm for blogging nor a lack of enthusiasm for the subject matter. Instead, it reflects family politics and territorial disputes, and consequently a loss of the blogging habit. Here's some blogging, we'll see if the habit changes or not.

My main thrust of effort this spring has been working on my Doctor Who Hexiquilt. I started it two years ago this month, and it has received waxing and waning attention in the intervening time. I averaged about 25 puffs a month this calendar year, until summer arrived and my total was 23 for June and July. It turns out I can only knit tiny hexagons for so long before my brain demands Intellectual Stimulation in the form of something more complicated, but that's another story.

Every hexipuff is designed to tie in to Doctor Who somehow. The story might be told through colour or illustration, and the relevance might be subtle or strong, tenuous or conspicuous.

For the very most obvious, I have the TARDIS stitched on a background of a "time vortex" colourway, and K9.

Here's some others that might not scream "Doctor Who!" to those who don't watch the show.



(Okay, Rose doesn't actually have a poodle on her skirt. I've noticed that most people actually think it does, and this puff is easily identifiable by those I've asked.)



And some that might seem rather obscure, like the duck.

"There's never any ducks!" "Then how do you know it's a duck pond?"

 Some were chosen because their colours closely (or slightly) matched the colours of a screenshot...


...or they might just suggest a scenario to me. For example, these were made from a colourway entitled Poison No. 5, which I associated with the Tenth Doctor getting poisoned in The Unicorn and the Wasp.

"Something's inhibiting my enzymes!"

My personal disclaimer for this project is:

All stories of Doctor Who are fair game, and my usage of any story, character, or image does not indicate my personal feelings about that particular whatever. No assumptions about my opinions of an episode's quality can be made by its inclusion or lack of inclusion in the project.

The project is necessarily heavy on New Who, simply because I am still learning Old Who. There's a lot of material in the Old Who to cover, and I'm working on it!

I suspect I have about 200 puffs so far. Here's a few samples of month's-end pics:

All Doctor Who images are copyright the BBC. I downloaded them all from various sources, to not commit the crime of hotlinking, but everything is BBC's property anyway. 

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