Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beads--part two

In 2007, I bought a skein of laceweight on impulse.

I fully intended to cast on as soon as possible, but at the time I had Christmas knitting to finish. And so finally the skein got tucked into a bin for safekeeping, and while always loved, never utilised.  

So this year, I've been making a fresh effort to use the wonderful yarns that I own. And I decided it was time to bring this yarn out of hibernation and into a project.

This one got paired with some dark iridescent purplish beads I've had for years, and the pattern Annis.

The results are a very light and airy shawl.

The yarn didn't have a tag, but the ravelry entry says it's 50g.  The shawl used 40g of yarn, and I had 39g leftover!

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