Saturday, January 07, 2012


What do you do with a Holy Grail skein of yarn?  You make sure you get it right.

To review, there was this skein of Malabrigo Rasta in the colourway Archangel that I admired from afar for months and months, until I finally brought it home to me.  Look at it:

So I found a pattern that is versatile and cute. You can wear it slouchy, or like a beanie. It used up the entire skein of yarn. In fact, I ran out of yarn with only 40 stitches remaining, so I ripped out the decreases, removed one row before the decreases, and finished it up so it all came out perfectly.  It was very cute.


Not slouchy!

 Yes, very cute! But sadly, not on me.

The great thing about bulky is that it knits up so quickly that there's little regret in ripping the entire thing out and trying again. And this skein of yarn had to be a hat for ME. So the 2nd go was a pattern from Vogue Knitting, a tassled hat.

I knit it as directed on size 15 needles (HUGE needles!), except I changed the embellishments a little. I added a little i-cord as the hat transitions from top to tassle. And I braided the tails on the earflaps, and gave them a really long end.

The stitches are the size of cornnuts! Cornnuts are a crunchy/salty snack food that remind me of road trips and truck stops.

New favourite hat!!!

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randi K design said...

This hat is really cuuuute!