Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Hat

Stripes! Clearly, I'm a stripey fan. I pay attention to the stripey yarns out there. They're not always easy to buy, either, and many of the stripey dyers sell out swiftly. Additionally, most of the stripey yarn that is available, though hard-to-get, is sock yarn.

So when I discovered stripey yarn in aran weight, I immediately had two skeins come home to me.

The yarn is Big Nom by Gritty Knits. I purchased it on the 6th. It arrived on the 9th. I started knitting it on the 11th and finished it on the 13th.

Just a basic hat with a turned hem and a picot edge. I used Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns for the numbers.

I want to say a little more about pompom makers, and why I like them better than using cardboard circles. The nifty feature of the pompom makers is that they fold out to allow really easy wrapping. Your hand just flows around and around, wrapping it stuffed full of yarn.

In contrast, with the cardboard maker, you need to pull the yarn through a little opening for every wrap.  The process is clumsier, and I usually run out of patience for the wrapping before it's really stuffed.  You can still make a lovely pompom with a cardboard circle, you just need to engage yourself in a lot more effort.

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Amy said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that Big Nom stripe, and the hat that you made with it!!! Maybe I should get a skein while it's on sale. BTW, did you get my check in the mail? And .... I'll be more than happy to ship you a puppy or two in about 6 weeks :)