Monday, June 21, 2010

Acquisitions! Spoiler alert for Loopy and Gothsocks

Dude, like the topic above says. There are spoiler pictures in this post for the Loopy Groupie package and the June Gothsocks. In case any readers care.

First of all, I have acquired my first Wollmeise! I have been aware of its insane popularity on Ravelry for a long time now. Only recently have I paid enough attention to be able to successfully navigate an update at The Loopy Ewe and actually purchase some for myself. I also got some more Hiya Hiya 9" needles, as I still do enjoy knitting with them. I had also added the pattern "book" Balloon Tying Creations to my cart, but in an incredible stroke of bad luck for me, Sheri blogged about the book on the very day that I was stalking for the WM, and the book sold out instantly, and I didn't get to buy it.

Need another look at that Wollmeise?

As a bonus, this was my sixth order at the Loopy Ewe. (And it's taken me years to get to six orders.) Loopy has a loyalty program called Loopy Groupies. When you place your sixth order, you are inducted into the Loopy Groupie club. As a welcome, they send you an awesome package.  This purchase was made using my mother's day and birthday gift certificates, so getting a bonus gift in my package made it extra special!  They sent a really cute see-through tote bag, a pattern, a sheep calendar, treats, plus a skein of yarn!  My yarn was Brooklyn Handspun in the colourway "renew".

Oooh la la!

But wait, that's not all!  Today I received a birthday package from Ember.  And she sent me the Balloon Tying Creations book!  Thanks Ember!!

Plus! Today I also received my June Gothsocks club package. It's my final club package, and I struggled a long time while I decided whether to renew or not. By saving my yarn money, I was able to buy the Wollmeise, which isn't exactly buying yarn as it's needed, but I've definitely slowed down on the gratuitous yarn-stashing. Anyway, back on topic, my final yarn is GORGEOUS. DO WANT.

The yarn is based on the TV show Big Bang Theory. The photo above shows the yarn with a disc of Big Bang Theory, which also arrived in the mail today. Good mail day!

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JelliDonut said...

The Wollmeise is lovely. I NEED some in my stash. Thanks for all the great photos.