Thursday, April 17, 2008

Enthusiastic winner!


This fresh in from cafe press--my very own Rainey Sisters mug! It now sits on my desk at work, regularly filled with tea.

I won it in a contest sponsored by these fun knitters. On their post they said:

Finally, Sally’s daughter and her little assistant (who helped with the random drawing), really wanted us to reward the very first person who entered the contest for her enthusiasm. To keep the results from being tampered with or chewed up, we agreed. Therefore, a mug will also be going to Valerie.

When I read that, I was very tickled, and bemused. As a kid, I was known and regularly mocked for my enthusiasm, and I immediately thought, "This is the first time something good has come from it!" The first thing that came to mind was the grade three Christmas program, where our class had to stand up and sing in front of an audience full of parents. I have always loved to sing with a group, and I assure you, I belted it out. It never occured to me to notice if everyone else was belting, too, why should that be my concern? My siblings laughed at me later and told me that they could hear me loudly over the rest of the class.

Enough reminiscing, this post is mostly to say, thanks for the mug! Hurrah!
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We are so very glad that you like it!!