Saturday, January 05, 2008

Swatch, Bordhi Style

This picture shows a swatch done as recommended by Cat Bordhi in New Pathways. She suggests casting on the stitches on two needles using Judy's Magic Caston and knit from there, making a little pouch. If you need to change needle sizes, you knit a purl row and then keep knitting on the new needles. For reasons I can't properly articulate, this caston works best for me. Casting on a circular tube or doing that trick where you leave a huge strand in back so it's like you're knitting in the round but you only knit one direction, both those swatches leave me terribly impatient before I have satisfactory results. Somehow knitting a little pouch allows me to measure the gauge before I get too impatient to continue.

I would also like to point out the needles in the photo. That circular needle is built from my brand new Knit Picks Options needle set. Woohoo! So far I'm very pleased with the needle set. The cables are great, just like the fixed circulars I have from knitpicks, and the joins are perfectly smooth. The needle shown is actually assembled with one size 6 point and one size 7 point. I was at first concerned that one set of each size might not be enough, and soon devised a method to have two needles of the same size. I put the required size point on the active needle, and a smaller point on the passive needle, and it works just fine. In the case of this photo, I'd been too lazy to change both tips when I moved up a size.
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