Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm not having much success with the Dashing pattern. This is my second attempt that has been too small. Being as it's a pattern for a man, I made the mistaken assumption that a size small would fit a woman. Knitting it at gauge was uncomfortably tight, and then going up a needle size was also uncomfortably tight. I have frogged and started over using the large. All it really adds is four purl stitches, so I'm hoping that's enough to allow these to fit comfortably. As these are for a friend who's far away, I can't try them on her and see if they'd fit. My coworker tried them on and she says they fit fine. However, I'm going with the theory that if they're tight on me, it's possible they'd be tight on the recipient, and I want these to be useful.

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