Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just Arrived!

With the demise of my only good size one needles, it was time at last to submit that Knit Picks order that's been slowly building. In fact, it's been building for so long that I no longer recall why I ordered those colours of Essential. But no worries, I'll figure it out! The key purchase here, above all that yummy yarn, was my first Knit Picks circular needles. I've heard all about them, now it was my turn to try them out.

I immediately transferred my Regia Color Surf socks onto the new needles and started to knit. The ease of the transition, the slide of these needle tips, the flexibility of the cable, all conspired to hypnotize me into stupidity. Instead of knitting in pattern, I plain knit the entire row, even the purl stitches! Once I got my head straight and redid the row properly, I could see what everybody loves about these needles. These are the first size one needles I've had that slide so smoothly from cable to needle. Yeehaw! I'm back in the sock-knitting business.

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