Sunday, May 06, 2007

Emergency Surgery, and a photo shoot

I was downstairs in the sewing room, taking a brief, very brief break from homework. My daughter came and got some fabric scraps and stole my scissors to create some outfits for her dolly while her daddy read her a story. Then I heard it... Deeply sorrowful sobbing coming down the stairs. My mama divination kicked in, and I knew immediately that there had been some tragic accident with the sewing scissors and a dollie. Indeed, an arm had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and had been cut off. She was traumatized! Amazingly, I knew where to find the very yarn, and we rushed her into emergency surgery. So much for my short break and my studying. She is now good as new, though I told my daughter to have Joy get plenty of rest, and to keep that arm immobilized for a few days. Everyone needs healing time after major surgery. This picture shows her with her arm in a sling, and also modeling the flip-flops created just for today's photo shoot.

One of the major efforts today was to create a story. I retold a chapter from Gooney Bird Greene. My son helped me, and with the camera, several toys, and the better part of the day we created an illustrated chapter. The knitted grrls played a big part in the chapter, with the new dollie Anne featured as Gooney Bird.

A visitor on the set.

Anne as Gooney, telling a story.

Roxxie playing a curious second grader, her eyebrow piercing carefully concealed.

Joy as another curious second grader, her arm shown before the injury.

Kitty, modeling as catman sleeping in the car.

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