Monday, September 22, 2014

Oh yes, more costumes

ComicCon was three days, and I had a costume for every day. The first day was the aforementioned red monstrosity. The other two days were equally sincere, but more subtle in appearance. My brother even commented that I hadn't dressed up. (and before he objects, in fairness, I had by that point removed some key wardrobe pieces.)

Day two--Orphan Black

My choice of costume for Day Two was decided by the appearance of Matt Frewer. He plays Dr. Leekie in Orphan Black, and we're huge fans of that series here. We had cherished a hope that Tatiana Maslany would come--she did go to San Diego--but not this time around.

Now my daughter doesn't need any excuse to cosplay Orphan Black. She created a Cosima costume for ComicCon's FanX event in the spring. We spent some time looking at character photos online, and then went to a consignment store to see what we could find. We walked in, and there was the perfect dress, hanging alone on the returns rack in the centre of the store. Astonishingly, it fit her perfectly. Had that dress been squished into the racks elsewhere in the store, we might never have seen it.  She looks great in it, and can wear it to school, not just for cosplay events. This was her comparison shot from last spring, and she reprised that look for this event.

I decided to re-create the look of Allison, the soccer mom. I picked up the clothing while shopping at Costco, as we moms do. (To clarify, I'm not a soccer mom, I'm a ballet mom.)  I had a grey headband ready for the costume, but couldn't find it that day. Fortunately, I had t-shirt fabric in my sewing room as always, and made a brand new headband by cutting a wide band of fabric from the top of the sleeve of a child's shirt.

In the line for our photo op with Matt Frewer, we met another young lady also dressed as Cosima.  Both were pretty happy to meet another person cosplaying the same character.

We had somehow hoped that Mr. Frewer would recognize the costumes: if not mine which was subtle, at least hers. Instead, we got a lecherous comment about a threesome--THAT'S MY SIXTEEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, SIR--and then a less offensive something like "This will be the album cover."

Day three--the Ninth Doctor

My next costume was chosen again by the guest, this time John Barrowman. JOHN BARROWMAN!  He is such a happy and uninhibited individual. I sat in his panel, and enjoyed his hour of hilarious chat, as well as a serenade.

I reprised my Ninth Doctor costume, and asked my daughterto wear her Rose outfit, re-creating the look of the episode where they first met Captain Jack.

My leather jacket was found at a thrift store, when my son and I were browsing. We snapped it up as a good jacket, and later saw how excellent it was as a Nine jacket. The sweater I wore is also his, bought at Old Navy, inspired by Nine.  My daughter's Union Jack shirt was procured after a long search. I was scouring the web for a good Union Jack shirt, and eventually found one in a store that I'd never heard of, but they had a branch in a local shopping centre. I was able to call and verify they had the shirt, and got them to hold it in her size.  After ballet, we cruised through the shopping centre, and my daughter and her carpool buddy ran up and bought it, posing as brother and sister for fun.

When we went in to our photo op, Mr. Barrowman took one look at us and said, "Nice! Rose and Nine!" Then wrapped us up in a huge hug and then we got our picture.  I already adored the man, but that very simple comment just totally endeared him to me, even more.

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