Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's all over now, baby blue

You know how it feels to have your words thrown back in your face, especially when they're true?

"If it's bugging you now, you know it's going to bug you even more later"

Yeah, my knitting coworker and I tell each other that a lot. Because we both know it to be true.

When I started on the third skein for Jeanie, it looked darker, but I kept knitting, trying to believe the difference wasn't significant. After all, I hadn't been able to see the difference in the skein.

It's no good. The difference is noticeable. In the photo posted below, I hope it's obvious that the edging is significantly darker than the rest of the knitting. The last third of the project would be that darker colour.

And as much as I've tried to tell myself I don't mind if the last third is darker, it's bugging me now. And experience tells me, it'll bug me more later. It certainly cannot be my entry for the state fair.

This yarn is, of course, an "experimental". I bought it at a discount because it wasn't a regular line of yarn, so the inconsistent colour is all part of the experience. I just wish it had been visible when I examined the skeins.

My entire summer's knitting efforts are for naught.

Bye bye jeanie.

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JelliDonut said...

Oh man! Can you overdye it or something? That's really too bad.