Saturday, July 17, 2010

A skirt's tale

Once upon a time, I had a blue linen skirt from Old Navy. It was a good skirt, with a delightful bell shape, and attractive embellishments above the hem.

I wore that skirt often, and it was with me when I stepped into the Mediterranean Sea for the first time, and when I met Don Quixote.

Then, one tragic day, I was wearing the skirt at work, and it split open right at the bum.  Alas, those fabrics from Old Navy are fragile and have no stamina.

Although the fabric was sorely damaged, and I could not see how to repair it, I could not dispose of so much good fabric, and the skirt went into a pile in the sewing room, where it became a part of the clutter, forgotten and dusty.

One day, my daughter wished for a better skirt for her costume. She needed something blue, with lots of fabric for flowy dancy action. It was she who discovered the old blue skirt in the sewing room, and presented it for my consideration.

Being that the skirt has a draw-string waist, no alterations to the width were needed. All that was required was removing a great chunk of thin and damaged fabric, and the skirt had a new life!

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JelliDonut said...

I love seeing things "repurposed." How elegant your daughter looks!