Sunday, April 04, 2010

Those darned right twists

Me: These right twists are going to kill me.
Him: I hope those aren't your last words!
Me: That would suck, eh?
Him: I'd put it on your gravestone.
Me: In the stress of my demise, you'd forget the exact words, and there'd be a misquote on my grave.
Him: It's not that difficult. "These right twists are going to kill me." I'd get it right.

The pattern is Yarnissima's Firestarter. The yarn is Stitchjones' Titanium Sock. At 72 stitches around and 10spi, this yarn knits up perfectly. I'm not sure I'll like the gussets. I suspect they'll pool.

The right twists have been the worst part of this pattern. I recall warriors in Sock Wars complaining about the right twist. They did a workaround that involved a k2tog, but what with the purls and the ktbl, that's not an option here. I unvented a workaround in which I slip both stitches to the right needle, and do a mirror image of the process for the left twist. Works beautifully!

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