Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shades of grey

On Sunday, I started on take two of the socks for my son. I was originally going to do a second try on the cable sock I tried earlier. It soon became obvious that this wasn't the right yarn either. My plans wandered. Wobbled. Veered way off course.

picture of grey sock

I actually have 3 big plump balls of Jarbo Garn Raggi. Two of the multi-colour and one of the grey. My plans have gotten complicated. I can't even articulate them yet. What is pictured here is the first sock. I had to try it on him to ensure that it fits. He has hard-to-fit feet and I'm not going to proceed with a less-than-stellar fit. But if my plans play out, what he gets for Christmas will still be a surprise, even though he's tried on one sock.

another picture of the grey sock

Because I am accustomed to knitting two socks at once in fingering weight, knitting one at a time in worsted yarn makes the sock fly off the needles. I knit the ribbing on Sunday. On Monday I made huge progress, knitting the leg, the heel, and into the foot. Tonight I finished the foot. I even ripped out the toe and did it a second time to be sure there was a little growing row in there. The sock is knitted using the Sky Sock architecture from New Pathways for Sock Knitters.

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